Democrats used an upcoming Republican fundraiser to attack Second Amendment rights and other gun laws in Ohio.
Reps. Ted Celeste and Tracy Maxwell Heard (Democrats from the Columbus area) held a press conference Thursday where they blasted Rep. Margaret Conditt’s upcoming “Shoot for Liberty” fundraiser at the Middletown Sportsman Club on May 12. Conditt is a Republican representing the 55th House District in Butler County.

They want Conditt to cancel her fundraiser where supporters are encouraged to “BYOGun” and will be given an opportunity to shoot a machine gun.

This was nothing more than sheer political posturing as the questions that should have been asked would have revealed.

Referring to the February shooting at Chardon High School, Celeste said, “To parade about a fundraiser where supporters can shoot semi-automatic weapons for pleasure is distasteful and offensive to the memory of those students who were senselessly killed.”