Standing in front of an oil well, Mitt Romney blasted President Obama’s energy policy Wednesday, saying that he was taking credit for job creation that he is not responsible for while suppressing domestic energy production.

“I recognize that what you’re seeing in terms of growth of the energy sector is happening in places like this, where men and women working in oil, coal, gas, are able to create jobs, help keep the cost of energy down to the extent that we can — that’s good not only for American families, it’s good for American enterprise and manufacturing. Now the president tries to take credit for the fact that oil production is up. I’d like to take credit for the fact that when I was governor the Red Sox won the World Series,” Romney told scores of supporters gathered in a pastoral field in this suburb of Denver. “But, neither one of those would be the case. It was not the president’s policies that led to oil production being up. This is private land and private leases.”