Newt Gingrich took the stage at the Georgia Republican Party state convention on Saturday wearing a Mitt Romney sticker, focusing his attacks on President Barack Obama and attempting to energize the crowd around his former Republican rival.

The former U.S. House speaker’s endorsement of Romney was met with mixed reaction as dozens of Ron Paul supporters frequently interrupted Gingrich’s remarks, booing and shouting Paul’s name.

Gingrich also acknowledged this wasn’t the way he wanted things to turn out, but after thanking the party faithful for their role in his victory in the GOP primary in March, he told them the time has come for party unity.

“My intent was to come here wearing a Gingrich sticker,” he said. “But I want to make a key point, including to those of our friends who are still deeply engaged and deeply emotional: Every person in this room has an absolute obligation to help defeat Barack Obama for re-election,” Gingrich said to cheers and applause.