Agri-Pulse just published the comments made during the House hearings on the Farm Bill (Volume 8, No. 21, May 23, 2012). During the hearings, policymakers continue to propose payment limits and the latest is a proposal to limit the subsidy in crop insurance to $40,000. The average farmer is paying $18.28 per acre for buy-up coverage (Table 1). That means the average subsidy per acre for all levels of buy-up coverage is $29.06. These dollar amounts were based on the actual coverage purchased in 2011 and if famers were to maintain their current level of coverage, on average it would only require 1,377 acres of owned and cash rented acres to hit the limit. The average subsidy for CAT insured farmers is $15.04 per acre, so they will hit the limit with 2,660 acres based on 2011 premium costs set by the Risk Management Agency (RMA)