R-CALF USA has scheduled a news conference for 1:00 p.m. CDT on Sept. 20, 2011, at the Callicrate Cattle Company feedlot located at 940 County Road 12, St. Francis, Kansas. Prior to the news conference, beginning at noon, a free lunch consisting of Callicrate beef burgers will be served to the public and media.

The news conference will highlight efforts by the Obama Administration’s Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) and U.S. Department of Agriculture (USDA) to not only ignore the unique needs and interests of family-sized cattle operations; but worse, to help big agribusinesses rapidly concentrate and consolidate the U.S. live cattle industry.

Mike Callicrate, owner of Callicrate Cattle Company, is under fire from EPA for not maintaining EPA-required paperwork and not constructing a pollution containment perimeter around his hay stacks and other livestock feed. “EPA now considers hay a pollutant,” he said.