members from around the country were outraged upon learning that the University of Maryland Environmental Law Clinic had accepted an award for “distinguished achievement” for their Clean Water Act (CWA) case against Berlin, Md.-based farmers Alan and Kristin Hudson before the case has even gone to trial. The situation is particularly troubling considering that the Clinic, which is funded by Maryland taxpayer dollars, is providing free legal counsel for the cash rich Waterkeeper Alliance, an out-of-state extremist group headed up by Robert F. Kennedy, Jr. suing a fourth generation Maryland farm family.

“The decision to accept this award just doesn’t seem right to the community given the fact that large numbers of Maryland residents and political leaders have opposed the Clinic’s role in this case,” said Lee Richardson, a member of “This case has yet to go to trial, so how can the Clinic possibly accept an award for distinguished achievement before the facts are even presented?”