The truth is Greg Peterson can’t stand LMFAO’s song and video, “Sexy and I Know It.”

It was playing on a Manhattan radio station one night in late May when he and some friends had gathered at a local Sonic to unwind as his junior year at Kansas State University came to an end. That song came on, and he groaned.

But as the song kept playing, the ag-journalism major -– gifted in music and on a mission to spread the word of Kansas agriculture -– sipped his milkshake and was inspired when the chorus played. He switched the words, “I’m Sexy and I Know It,” to “I’m Farming and I Know It.”

The second time the chorus came on, he thought, “No, I’ve got one better: ‘I’m Farming and I Grow It.’ ”

Before long, he had a great parody. Now he has a video that has gone viral on YouTube and Facebook.